Actual responses from LIFT America participants

“I need to let God abide in me daily in order to effect change in my school and students”
“That I can proudly display my Christian values in our school”
“I was very encouraged by colleagues to not give up and trust that God has a plan”
“I am so excited about going back to my class and sharing my love of Christ!”

Partner with Christian Educators to

Lasting Impact Fellowship for Teachers (LIFT)

LIFT America gatherings are designed to gather, encourage, empower and equip Christian educators who work in communities all across America. These gatherings provide an extraordinary opportunity to come together with others like us who love God and care about kids.

Is Your City Next?

LIFT stands for Lasting Impact Fellowship for Teachers. LIFT America is an outreach ministry of CEAI and is part of a movement to empower, encourage and equip Christians working in public schools. For more information on how to organize a gathering in your city contact Mike Hicks, Director of LIFT America at

“When the Holy Spirit is in you, you can not just leave Him in the parking lot. He doesn’t stay out of my classroom.”

Jennifer Karpinski

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Upcoming LIFT Gatherings

LIFT America: College Students Praying Over Schools

Don’t Leave Jesus in the Parking Lot (LIFT America Short Version)


Gather – Worship – Pray.
Experience in community the strength and inspiration we have in Jesus Christ.


Share a meal.
Discuss challenges of Christians in public schools.
Recognize YOU are not alone.


Share stories about how God is moving on our campuses.
Gain new inspiration and passion to let God use YOU.


Learn what YOU can do legally regarding issues of faith.
Gain a new courage and boldness to take Jesus onto your campus.

Sowing Tares…Hoping for Wheat

By Mike Hicks

Teaching teachers to be modern-day Daniels…

By Sophia Lee


By David Schmus

For more information or to schedule a LIFT America gathering in your area contact us today.

Lasting Impact Fellowship for Teachers (LIFT)

Empower Christian educators to bring God’s love and truth into our schools