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Our Cause


We encourage, equip, and empower Christian educators to effectively walk out their calling in their schools. 

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Mission, Vision & Core Values


To Encourage, Equip, and Empower Educators According to Biblical Principles

  • Proclaim God’s Word as the source of wisdom and knowledge
  • Portray teaching as a God given calling and ministry
  • Promote educational excellence as an expression of Christian commitment
  • Preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage and values through education
  • Promote the legal rights of Christians in public schools
  • Provide a forum on educational issues with a Christian world view
  • Partner with churches, parachurch organizations, educational institutions and parents
  • Provide resources and benefits for educators including professional liability insurance


God’s Love and Truth Transforming Our Schools

Core Values

  • Love
  • Biblical Knowledge
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Prayer
  • Patience
  • Self-control
  • Worship
  • Truth
  • Unity
  • Forgiveness
  • Faith
  • Servant-hood
  • Joy
  • Professional Excellence

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Finn Laursen Explains the purpose of CEAI

Statement of Faith

We believe in:

  • One God eternally existent in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • The Bible as the inspired Word of God.
  • Christ, the Son of God, His virgin birth, His miracles, His vicarious atoning death for our sins, His bodily resurrection and His return.
  • The need and reality of spiritual conversion by the Holy Spirit through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • The ministry of the Holy Spirit Who enables us to live a godly life.

CEAI History


National Educators Fellowship, Inc. (NEF) was organized by Dr. Clyde M. Narramore and Benjamin S. Weiss. The group was organized in response to an expressed need that more than half of the 50 million children and youth attending America’s schools have no moral and spiritual training other than that which they may incidentally receive in their public school education.

The first NEF group met in S. Pasadena, CA in 1953. There was an immediate demand for groups in other areas. From this beginning the national organization expanded. The name of the organization was changed to Christian Educators Association International (CEAI) in 1984.

CEAI is the only professional association specifically serving Christians in public schools. CEAI has members across the United States and internationally as well.