By March 15, 2019 Daily Devotionals

March 15, 2019

Prayer:  Please remind me to do the thing You have asked.

Scripture:  I will hasten and not delay to obey Your commands. Psalm 119:60 NIV

I called to my son, Chandler, as he made a run through the kitchen with his friend and headed down to the basement. Chandler gave me a quick glance over his shoulder but proceeded down the stairs as if to pretend that he did not hear me call his name. The other ladies in the kitchen stopped in their tracks and stared at me, not because of Chandler’s disobedience, but because of the example of what we had just been discussing in our Bible study class and that had just been played out before our eyes moments after we ended class.

During class I had remarked that my anxiousness about going to Heaven was not that God would be sitting there with a long, long, screen with all of my sins listed on it; I know they have been forgiven and wiped clean. No, my anxiousness was if, in getting there, I would have to see all of the blessings I missed out on by not obeying God or by not doing what He asked me to do.  All of the times He called my name and I was scared that I might be in “trouble” or in need of a redirection. Or those times when I feared He was going to ask me to do something or go somewhere I did not want to, so I acted as if I was not sure that He called. All of those things He prompted me to do and I was afraid or worried that I would fail, so I did not do it. Yes, I wonder if all of the blessings I missed out on will be posted up there for me to see how much of His greatness I missed out on.

Following this great abstract discussion on obedience, we walked into the kitchen where warm cookies awaited us. I put one on a napkin to give to Chandler as he was coming into the house from playing outside and called his name as he ran through the kitchen. Thinking that I might be telling him it was time to go home (going to ask me to do something or go somewhere I did not want to), or that he might have done something outside I did not approve of (might be in “trouble” or in need of a redirection.) Chandler had his mind set on going to the basement with his friend and playing a game they had already decided on outside. My calling him was not in his plans, and so he glanced and ran hoping I would not call him a second time and there sat the warm chocolate chip cookie on the napkin just waiting to bless him.

Can you think of a time when you heard God calling you, when you knew you were supposed to say or do something – or maybe even NOT say or do something – and you ignored Him? God wants the best for us. His call to us is always going to end in blessing. My prayer for you is that you would heed God’s calling and be blessed.

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