By March 14, 2019 Daily Devotionals

March 14, 2019

Prayer: Lord, thank you for changing us by your Spirit in this profession.

Scripture:  At that time the Spirit of the Lord will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them.  You will be changed into a different person.  I Samuel 10:6 NLT

Although God doesn’t change in this profession of education, He asks us to change because our relationships with Him and those in this profession are constantly growing.
Janice, a thirty year veteran teacher, recalls a time when she was burned out after her first ten years in education, “I remember telling the Lord, ‘I can’t work in a spiritual vacuum. You need to either change my job or change these people around me. I can’t take it anymore.’” The Lord’s response to Janice was, “The people around you don’t need to change Janice but you do. You need to invite some of them to start praying with you.” Janice heeded His advice and her professional life was never the same.
Each year we must ask Jesus in prayer, “What changes do you want this year in my professional life?  How can I improve my service here to You and others?” It is amazing what He sometimes tells us to do regarding our relationships with others, room décor, materials, and strategies. These things are called “God changes.” Write these changes down and set out to implement them.  Some of them take much courage and humility to fulfill. In this way Jesus often teaches and tests us.

While all the secular trade winds blow around us, sometimes at gale force, our focus must first be on what Jesus has given us to do and not the agendas of states, districts, principals, coworkers, and our selves.  We have one master, not four or five. He serves as our shelter from all the professional storms.  He is our Cornerstone upon which we are to stand together and build something eternal in public education.  It takes courage to first seek and obey Him in our secular lives but if we do He promises to add everything else we need.  God delivers on His promises.

Ask God in prayer what He wants, changes He wants you to make in your professional life. Write them down, post them, and then do them.

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