Books To Consider This Christmas

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Books To Consider

This Christmas

Given that today is the day that many start their Christmas shopping, I felt I would pass on a few recommended books for your consideration. These make great gifts for colleagues or family members in education, or great Christmas-break reading for you!

Standing up to Goliath - Rebecca Friedrichs

In 2016, CEAI was co-plaintiff on Friedrichs v. CTA, a Supreme Court case that worked to win the rights of educators to send our hard-earned money to any professional association we wish. Two years later, that struggle was won with the Janus case.

In the brand new book, Standing up to Goliath, Rebecca Friedrichs tells her story as lead plaintiff, as well as her efforts to expose how teachers’ union dues are funding so much that is wrong with our nation’s public schools.

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Take Heart & Teach - Linda Kardamis

We are thrilled with our partnership with Teach 4 the Heart! Did you know that if you are a member with coverage of CEAI, you receive a 40% discount on all of their courses?

Linda Kardamis of Teach 4 the Heart recently published Take Heart & Teach, which helps Christian educators:

  • Manage your classroom and create a conducive learning environment
  • Find balance, wisely investing your time and energy
  • Teach with His peace and joy, even when things are going wrong
  • Make a bigger difference and shine His light in your classroom

Don’t wait on this one…Teach 4 the Heart is offering a 20% discount on pretty much everything they sell through Monday.

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Scientism and Secularism - JP Moreland

JP Moreland recently asked me to read and potentially endorse his new book, Scientism and SecularismOne of my best friends and I read it together, meeting once a week to discuss. We were both impressed. This is a great gift for the science teacher in your life, or someone who likes to think about the interaction of science and apologetics.
JP Moreland is a world-renowned Christian philosopher and and one of the leading Christian apologists of our time. In this book, he addresses the attempts of some to elevate science to be the arbiter of all truth in our society. As I write in my endorsement:

“With cross-disciplinary depth and precise argument, J. P. Moreland not only puts science back in its lane, he defines the lane—and in doing so rescues true science from self-destructive overreach. Anyone responsible for educating the next generation of scientists, theologians, or anyone in between needs this surprisingly readable book.”

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