GOOD GIFTS – 10/5/18

By October 5, 2018 Daily Devotionals

October 5, 2018

Prayer: Heavenly Father may we know that You only give us good gifts and may we receive them with greatful hearts.

Scripture: “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him Matthew 7:11!  NAS

I watched our youth pastor call his three year old son over to where he was sitting one Sunday morning. He held out his clinched fist and his son ran over with a shout of joy. I had no idea what was in his hand and neither did his son, but his son knew his Dad and his character. He knew there was something good being offered because his Dad is good, because he had received good things from his Dad before and because his Dad called him to receive it.

“Do you want some?” he asked, still not revealing what was in his hand. His jumped up and down with excitement, “Yes, Yes!” he shouted. He opened his hand just enough to give his son a peek at a corner of a wrapper. “Are you sure you want some?” he asked again. “Please!” was the reply. He opened his fist to reveal a small snack-size package of Skittles. The little boy snuggled up beside his Dad and held out his hand, waiting for his Dad to pour some into it. He did not grab it, he did not complain that it was only a snack-size instead of a king-size. With great joy, he sat and ate the handful of Skittles that his Dad gave him, one at a time, expressing his enjoyment as he ate each one.

I want to respond to God in every circumstance like this little boy did to his Dad. I know my heavenly Father, I know He loves me and only acts through His love for me. I know that He knows what is best and I should know that I will be blessed by whatever He is holding out for me to receive. I want to respond in joy and excitement. I want to be grateful through the whole process. I want to come to Him with a humble “Please” not an entitled, “Give me.” I want to be content with my portion and stay close to Him while I partake of it.

When we pray for blessings, opportunities, increase, prosperity, and such, do you find yourself thinking or even telling God exactly what that blessing should look like? Have you ever been so definite about your plans that you became defiant when God showed up with a different plan? Have you ever gone through what seemed like the worse time in your life, only to get to the end and see it as a great gift? If you ask Him for something and then you suffer a loss, do you trust Him enough to give you something greater? When Jesus said, “Come follow me” did He lay out His three year plan and list the pros and cons of the journey or did His disciples immediately follow Him? Why do we find it so hard to obey and follow Him on this side of the cross? Where does real hope and security come from? Where do our greatest gifts and blessings come from? They come from God of course. Spend some time today remembering the sweetness of a surprise gift that God gave to you, a blessing in what first seemed like a trial, and an answered prayer. Express joyful gratefulness to God.

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